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Tapestry Public Charter School - Atlanta, GA

Best Practices Pivotal for Success


Inclusion refers to the practice of having all students learn together in the same classroom, which is diametrically opposed to the prevailing notion that students with neurological differences should be taught separately, away from all other students. Numerous benefits have been found to such an approach, for all types of students. Schools that adopt inclusive practices can help all their students thrive by recognizing their unique learning needs. However, this type of system cannot be implemented overnight, and it requires the investment of all stakeholders. Just as no student is the same, no school is the same either, but we have found the following elements to be most essential for the success of inclusive schools.

Practices - Inclusion
Practices - Inclusion
Practices - Inclusion

Major Elements of an Inclusive Program:

Problem Solving Strategies for Students
Scaffolded Instruction
Self-Directed Learning
Effective Classroom Management
High Expectations

The Six Best Practices Pivotal for Success Include: